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1500W Portable Solar Power Supply
1500W Portable Solar Power Supply
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SOLAR PANEL Silicon Monocrystalline silicon  life span



Power 70W x 4pcs, totally 280 W
Vmp/Imp 18V、11.1A
Voc/Isc 22.2V、12.2A
(Maintenance free, deep cycle, also called LFP battery)
Rated capacity Maintenance free LiFePO4 BATTERY, 160AH*4 life span


years (2000 times cycle)

Rated voltage 12V
Dimension 340mm*169mm*235mm
Weight 13.6kg±5%
NOTE Stoked battery is recommeded to be charged every three months (a maximum of six months). Please note: Use the correct voltage, otherwise the battery capacity and life will be affected.
CONFIGURATION Controller Controller system voltage: DC12V 
Rated charge/discharge current: 30A
Rated capacity: 360W. 
Controller feature: 
1) PWM & serious connection switch charging
2) overload & short-circuit protection, reverse connecting protection. 
3) Charging state adjust
4) Battery capacity setting, improving , direct charging & floating charging 
5) Automatic load recovery
6)Automatic voltage recognition ( 12/24V, 24/48V)
7)temperature compensation 
8) Exact clock display
9) Light-control or time-control options 
10) four buttons to choose and adjust parameters 
11) LCD display
Inverter Power:1500W;24V DC voltage of the battery is converted to AC220V/50Hz (or AC100V/60HZ) voltage Supply power for AC home appliances.( recommended maximum load is 1200W).
AC Charger Input:AC220V/50Hz(or AC100V/60Hz);Output 12V DC;output-current:15A.
Operation Interface 1.Charging&control mold indicator
2. battery state indicator, 
3. Load state indicator
4. Seting state indicator,
 5.Load switch state indicator
6. Battery percentage capacity indicator 
7. System working indicator 
8.inverter working indicator
9.DC load indicator 
11.USB output DC 5V cell-phone charging interface
12. AC110/AC220V output interface
13.Solar panel & AC power charging interface.
14. Switch
(battery fully charged)
working with 1200W power appliance: 1hour
working with 800W power appliance: ≥ 1.5 hours
working with 500W power appliance: ≥ 2.5hours
working with 100W  power appliance:≥ 11.5 hours
(battery empty)
solar charging 15hours(Depending on the strength of sunlight)
AC charging 10hours
Package Individually package for Mainframe and solar panel


1500W Portable Solar Power Supply

1500W Portable Solar Power Supply

1500W Portable Solar Power Supply