Commercial Solar hot water project

Sunflower solar collector are widely used in both residential and commercial applications. In fact more than half of the Sunflower collectors installed in the US are for commercial applications such as hotels, schools, restaurants and dormitories.
Sunflower collectors can be installed in many ways to suit the building.

Solar hot water is a simple upgrade that businesses can make to protect themselves from rising energy costs.  An Sunflower-Solar system can provide between 50-90% of a businesses annual domestic hot water FREE from the sun making it one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy bill and also reduce your buildings’s carbon footprint.

Sunflower Solar energy more powerful than you think.


Application: Employees shower Floor washing Facilities

Client: Unilever

Collectors: 20 x SFB305818

Overview: 1. Employees shower . 100 employees from 14.00 to 16.00 PM each day. We have water tank of 5000L with steam coil heating.
2. Floor washing in production dep. Water consumption 6 m cub/ day, Max instant consumption 4 m cub/h. Temp. 45 °C.



Project Overview:


Sunflower Solar thermal plant 



Application: African hospital aid programs

Client: United Nations 

Collectors: 6 x SFB305818

Overview: 40 sickroom, All-weather 50°C hot water supply



Project Overview:


Sunflower Solar thermal plant 



Application: Hotel room & Swimming pool use

Client: Grand plaza Hotel

Collectors: 30 x SFB305818

Overview: 125 rooms hotel and 1 swimming pool. Roof is flat size of 18m x 24 m

located in middle of south pacific ocean, hot weather year, around, temperature average 29 °C



Project Overview:

Solar Heating System Solutions for Hotel


Application: Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Location: Spain

Collectors: 30 x SFB205818

Overview: Public swimming pool



Project Overview:

Solar Heating System Solutions for Swimming Pool


Application: Bath + Kitchen +Floor + Small pool


Location: Norway

Collectors: 8 x SFB305818

Overview: Complete solar collector system etc. This for heating tap water and  floor heating etc. About 290 m⊃2; water floor heating in the house. 

Also combine solar heating system with one pool used for the spring / summer months. This is 10,000 liters.




Project Overview:

Solar Heating System Solutions for Domestic


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