Semi-Flexible Solar Panel for boat or car, 15years lifespan solar cell ETFE

Product Description



Compared with the traditional solar panels, has the following features:
1, the use of PET and EVA material instead of the traditional glass material.
2, with flexible, can bend.
3, light weight, non-friable, easy to transport.
4, easy to install



Due to the solar panels bending resistance, flexible to install, easy to carry. Can be fixed on the car, boat, street lamps, sloping roof.


The use of PET and EVA material instead of the traditional glass material. 


Easy to install


* Rated Power (Pmax): 20Wp; 
* Amorphous silicon thin film solar with triple-junction deposited on the stainless steel substrate .Polymer laminated, Virtually Unbreakable (No Glass). 
* Bypass diodes are connected across each cell, allowing the modules to produce power even when partially shaded. 
* In PVF-32 a blocking diode is included within each potted junction box to prevent battery discharge into the module.
* Can be bended suitably
* Damp-proof and durable 
* Light weight ,easy to install and transport 
* Environment Temperature for using: -40°C-+85°C
* The PVL-32F provide battery charging to meet demands for lighting, radios, stereos, finders and even water pump operation.


1) Peak power (Wp): 20W

2) Module efficiency: 7.56%
3) Max. Power voltage (Vmp): 16.5V
4) Max. Power current (Imp): 1.94A
5) Open circuit voltage (Voc): 23.8V
6) Short circuit current (Isc): 2.4A
7) Dimensions: 1430*425*15mm
8) Weight: 2.14KG 
9) Warranty: 15 years warranty on 70% of the minimum power



Packaging & Shipping



Packing size: 78x37x4 cm in Carton
Weight N/G: 3KG



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Sunflower Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. Buyers from many countries have already done like this. 1st Sunflower Renewable Energy Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise and is specializing in research and development of solar products. The company has realized the popularity of green energy and has been sparing no effort to explore the manufacturing and exporting of the green products: Solar water heater, Solar hot water, Solar collector, Flat-Plate Solar Collector, Solar Panel, LED Light,Solar Air conditioner, Solar Fan, Solar Water Pump, Solar Air Heating etc.


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