Mission & goals


Brief Introduction about Sunflower Solar
Basic elements for the Earth
Cherish life, in awe of Nature; honest and faithful,relieved and tolerant. These are the humanity.Human beings are born from nature, the nature satisfies with mind. So in the relationship with nature, Sunflower Solar claims the harmony of man with nature and the blend with five elements (of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth). We can ask for from the nature, but it should not be too much to destroy the balance of environment.
Many people advocate for environmental protection, but environmental protection is not a fashion, but a concept which is extremely urgent to work steadily. Sunflower Renewable Energy successfully created the Fifth-generation solar water heater with more reasonable construction through diligent study with a quiet mind for many years. These type solar water heaters have high temperature/coldness resistance. It makes the products and buildings combines as one complete unit through fashion and beautiful design. Inexhaustible solar energy supply the user the best hot water using plan, in the meantime, it can achives the goal to protect environment and save the energy resources which is seeked and devoted by credit Sunflower Solar.
Love clear water and blue sky, establish a splendid homeland. Sunflower Solar adheres to integrity-based, advocates to users' needs as its responsibility, proposes healthy sustainable living for its purpose. Please let us join hands together, creating a prosperity and a bright future!