Sunflower History


1998   On June, we sold and installed the first solar water heater (still under working so far).

1999    August, Sunflower cooperated with TaichiSol in Taiwan, products were sold to Taiwan market.

2000    May, adopt vacuum tubes with interference membrane layer technology, the thermal efficiency could reach 93%.

2001    July, set up Foreign Trade Department, products are published to International market.

2002    Solar Water Heaters were sold to the markets: Germany, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Malta, and Turkey.

2003    Solar Water Heaters were sold to the markets: New Zealand, Kenya, Sri Lanka.

2004    Solar Water Heaters were sold to the markets: UK, Cyprus, Greece, India, Chile, Spain, Tanzania.

2006    February 24th, Sunline international Trading Co, Ltd was founded,
           operating Sunflower products to Foreign markets independently. 

2007    July 26th, we passed ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate.
           October, attended Dubai INTERNATIONALAUTUMN TRADE FAIR.
           October 15th, products passed EU CE Certificate.

2008    June,  Sunflower Solar moved to Niutang Industry district. 
           August, Solar Vacuum Tube Management Department was founded.
           October, We enlarged our business scope, 
           constituted 5 series main products which cover all aspects of solar thermal field. 
2009    May 16th, brought in Automatic Production Facility, production capacity was greatly increased.
           August, completed the solar project for hotel in UK
           December, we passed ISO9001:2008 Quality System Certificate.
2010    June 24th, product passed all performance testing programmes in Solar Thermal Authority Organization
           -ITW Laboratory in Germany. 
           July 12th, products acquired EU Solar keymark Certificate
           July 15th, attended North America Inter Solar Exhibition 
           August 7th, Solar Water Heater Products passed UK MCS Certificate
           September 10th, we passed the SRCC Collector testing from ITW Laboratory in Germany.
           October 18th, completed the solar hot water project for hotel in Guam.
2011    January 18th, products passed South Africa SABS testing,
           and we acquired South Africa Government Purchasing Order successfully.
           April 13th, completed the solar water heater project for hospital in Ethiopia. 
           May 27th, products acquired America SRCC Certificate, in accordance with US Government Purchasing Standard..