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Solar Air Conditioner
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Window Solar Air Conditioner
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Window Solar Air Conditioner use solar energy to work which can save electric energy, easy installation and maintenance.
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Why Hybrid solar air-conditioner can save electricity?

Here are the reasons:
Firstly, it absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using a solar collector. Freon from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertakes a heat exchange. Freon exchange heat with the medium inside the solar collector then go through a cycle inside the system for cooling and heating.

Secondly, it adopts a highly efficient heat-exchange system. The use of the internal thread pipe, hydrophilic aluminum fin and the optimal heat exchange system reduce energy loss, improve the overall efficiency and effectively ensure the performance. Therefore, hybrid solar air conditioner is more convenient and energy-saving than regular air conditioner.

Comparing to Current Products
1. Conventional air conditioner consumes too much, users have to pay a heavy electricity bill.
2. Photovoltaic (PV) system costs a large amount of money to build up.
3. Thermally driven absorption cooling is also very costly, and its cooling capacity is not big enough.


Solar Air Conditioner


Tips on electricity saving of air conditioners: According to China National Management Method of Energy Efficiency, EER refers to the proportion between cooling capacity and power input, which is the only data used to value the energy-saving of air conditioners. The bigger it is the electricity it saves. If two AC with the same power consumption, the one with bigger capacity is better on electricity saving.


Performance Characteristics

High efficiently,energy-saving,comfortable and money saving,exceeding national first grade energy standard.
Durable and long-lived,smooth running.Low-loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration.
Healthy and comfortable,constant temperature and keeping air conditioner disease away.
It is not frequency conversion air conditioner but superior to it because conversion type begins to save energy when the indoor temperature reaches the set value,while the hybrid solar air-conditioner runs in the optimal state immediately after starting and it achieves the sanme effects of traditional air conditioner with less power consumption.
Super luxurious appearance decorates your home.Indoor panel adopts aluminum alloy and wire drawing metal color board to make your house more sparkling.
Automatic open and close dustproof air outlet.
Easy installation,same as the traditional air conditioner.
With strong adaptability,Chuanglan hybrid solar air conditioner can run at super low and high temperature from -7°C to 53°C.
Exceeding the national standards and applicable to all kinds of environment.

High Performance Japanese Brand Compressor

Durable and long-lived, smooth running. Low-loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration.


Solar Air Conditioner

Four-fold Heat Exchanger
As one of the main components of air conditioner, Chuanglan hybrid solar air conditioner adopts four-fold heat exchanger (take Supreme Silent as an example) heat exchanger effective area is increase by 20-40% than V-shape and flat heat exchangers, thus the cooling and heating effect are improved greatly.

Solar Air Conditioner


High-quality Internal Thread Copper Pipe
Compared with normal copper pipe, the heat exchanging area of internal thread cooper pipe is significantly enlarged so does the exchange effect. Meanwhile, it can resist frosting and increase its starting ability at low temperature.

Hydrophilic aluminum foil to prevent the appearing of water bridge, thus to ensure the performance of heat exchange.

Solar Air Conditioner




Model No. TKF(R)-26CW TKF(R)-35CW TKF(R)-50CW TKF(R)-72CW
Power Supply:220-240VAC, 1PH, 50/60Hz
Cooling Capacity Btu/h 9000 12000 18000 24000
W 2600 3500 5000 7200
Heating Capacity Btu/h 10000 13000 20000 27000
W 2900 3800 5500 7900
Noise dB(A) ≤48 ≤52 ≤56 ≤58
Air Circulation m³/h 450 500 650 750
Suitable Area 10~17 15~23 20~25 30~48
EER W/W 3.48 3.52 3.33 3.55
Btu/h/w 11.87 12.01 11.36 12.11
Power Input W 600~750 850~1000 1400~1600 1800~2100
Rated Current A 2.72~3.41 3.86~4.54 6.36~7.27 8.18~9.54
Dimentions L*W*H (mm)        
Window Panel Net 530*480*330 645*560*400 750*680*420 750*680*420
Shipping 605*540*455 710*625*520 815*745*530 815*745*530
Flat Plate Collector Net 1000*500*85 1000*500*85 1000*500*85 1000*500*85
Shipping 1120*600*130 1120*600*130 1120*600*130 1120*600*130
Weight N.W./G.W.        
Window Panel kg 31/33 48/50 68/72 72/77
Flat Plate Collector kg 14/18 14/18 14/18 14/18
Flat plate type solar collector available, which is easier for installation.
Aboved Red Numbers means the electrical heater is on.
Parameters in the form are messured in the rated working state acording to GB/T7725-2004. Changes may appear according to real working state.
Parameters may change due to the product improvement, please refer to the products nameplate or contact us for the most update info.
Unit conversion
1Ton  (12,000 BTU)
1.5 Ton 
(18,000 BTU)
2 Ton   
(24,000 BTU)
2.5 Ton 
(30,000 BTU)
3 Ton   
(36,000 BTU)
3.5 Ton 
(42,000 BTU)
4 Ton    
(48,000 BTU)
5 Ton    
(60,000 BTU)
1Ton=3024 kcal/h = 3.517KW
1Btu/h = 0.293W


Solar Air Conditioner