Solar water heater maintenance knowledge

Solar Water Heater1.The regular sewage system to prevent pipe blockage; and cleaning the water tank to ensure clean water. Sewage, as long as in normal circumstances to ensure that water, open sewage valve, water flow to the drain valve on the line.
2. Regular sun set clear and transparent cover on the container of dust, dirt, keep the cover clean to ensure a higher transmission rate. Cleaning should be done in the early morning or evening sunlight is not strong, when the temperature is low, transparent cover to prevent cold shock was broken.
3. Pay attention to check whether the damage to the transparent cover, should be replaced if damaged.
4. For the vacuum tube solar water heater, vacuum tubes should always check the vacuum within the glass tube is broken or when the tube of barium - titanium getter black, that is, that vacuum has decreased, the need to replace the tube.
5. Vacuum tube vacuum tube solar water heaters in addition to cleaning, but should also clean the reflector.
6. Visits to check the pipes, valves, floating ball valve, solenoid valves, hose connections for leaks and other phenomena, if any, should be repaired promptly.
7. The collector's heat-absorbing coating damage or loss if it should be repaired promptly. All brackets, piping, etc. once a year protect the paint brush to prevent corrosion.
8. To prevent nausea in the sun. Stop the loop circulation system known as the boring sun, the sun will cause nausea collector internal temperature, damage to the finish, so that deformation of cabinet insulation, broken glass and so on. Nausea caused by the sun cycle may be due to pipe blockage; in natural circulation systems may be less cold water, hot water tank caused the water level below the circulation pipe; in the forced circulation system may be due to the circulating pump to stop working due to .
9. Auxiliary heat source installed all-weather hot water system, auxiliary heating devices should be regularly checked and the heat exchanger is working or not. For the auxiliary heat source is electric heating tube before use to ensure leakage protection device must be reliable, otherwise you can not use. For heat pumps - solar heating system should also check the heat pump compressor and fan is working properly, no matter what part of the problem must be timely troubleshooting.
10. winter temperatures below 0 ℃, the plate-type system should be drained of water within the collector; installation of frost control system functions have forced circulation system, the system can only start the antifreeze, do not drain within the system water.