Comprehensive answers of solar water heaters eight "difficult" problem

Domestic Solar Water HeaterRecently the high-temperature continuous surly feel the advent of summer, take a bath like three meals a day has become our daily to do things. With the water heater recent sales surge, but the problem has cropped up. Especially solar water heater, in the course prone to problems of one kind, I'm coming to tell you about the common solution to the problem of the solar water heater.
One, surrounded by water, how to use solar water heater?
     To use solar water heaters in areas where tap water, generally with the pump, Sheung Shui, another addition of an auxiliary water tank and solar water heater the same height to store cold water, so that against the cold water bath.
     Second, solar water heaters should be noted that in the course of the problem?
A. Sheung Shui time.
(2) according to weather conditions on the water to ensure proper water temperature in the bath.
Regularly check the water heater pipes, vent component is working correctly.
Air pollution is serious or a large sand, dry areas regularly wash vacuum.
(5) after the installation of the water heater. Non-professionals do not easily move, loading and unloading the machine to avoid damage to critical components.
     Three, how families need to choose the capacity of the water heater?
Under normal circumstances, each bath time need 20-40kg of hot water, each tube can be heated 6.5kg water, water heater capacity required based on family size and habits of bathing water consumption can be estimated.
     Fourth, how to determine the solar water heater full of water?
The general solar water heater An overflow pipe, according to the overflow pipe if the drainage to determine the water full state, the other can be equipped with water level controller, water full automatic alarm, according to the alarm identification.
Tank up broken, deflated may be what causes?
     May be due to vent blockage, water to enter or discharge, the internal air can not be immediately discharged or are added, the formation of internal and external pressure difference, causing rise broken or deflated tank.
     6, the tank's size and vacuum tube count relationship?
     The normal water heater design is designed by bathing the required hot water temperature, the highest Stewart solar water heater design water temperature range of 400C ~ 900C, roughly every pipe heating water 6.5kg.
     The vacuum tube solar water heaters, Sheung Shui, should pay attention to what issues?
When air drying, the vacuum tube in tube temperature of about 2500C, it is in the tank water or for the first time in Sheung Shui to be carried out before sunrise and half an hour after the sun goes down.
     8, how to distinguish the pros and cons of solar water heater?
The solar water heater is a solar thermal utilization, the entire water heater collector part, thermal storage part of the bracket part. Distinguish the pros and cons of the collector part of the main absorption rate and the divergence rate of the collector components with the materials and production process. For thermal storage component is the water heater's warehouse, its quality assurance there are two: First, do not drain, the second is the insulation. The liner welding is the major key to the strength and material of the welding whether the anti-corrosion liner quality, and other insulation materials to determine the insulation properties of cold regions must be using a thicker insulation layer. ③ bracket to support the host portion of the run to ensure the correct location of the collector components with other components of the host have the same life, which requires good strength and corrosion resistance, to discriminant its pros and cons, can be visually it the material, thickness, surface treatment.