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30W*2 Small Portable Solar Generator
30W*2 Small Portable Solar Generator
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Components Technical parameters Remark
solar panel silicon Monocrystalline silicon/Polysilicon life



power 30W*2
dimension 650mm*420mm*18mm
battery Rated capacity (20 hour rate) Maintenance-free lead-acid deep cycle17AH*2 life 3-5years
Rated voltage 12V
dimension 180mm*77mm*167mm(Total height (include terminals)
note Stocked battery recommended every three months (a maximum of six months), in accordance with recycled charging parameters for charging the battery, otherwise it will affect battery capacity and life.
Configuration controller Intelligent control of solar panels on the battery charge and discharge, battery over charge and over discharge protection, and solar panels charge the battery while the battery can discharge the load.
inverter 12V DC voltage of the battery is converted to AC110V/AC220V voltage. provide main power to load.
charger Provide the function that  main power  charge to the battery so that this system in addition to solar panels can charge the battery, the device can also be used by the main power to charge the battery, make up the defects affected by the weather.
stent and  rolling lever With four invisible stent and detachable rolling lever,   It's very convenient  to stationary use, transportation, and carry.
Interface function Voltage digital gauges,0-12V adjustable output voltage, LED Bulb DC12V Interface, USB output interface, 5.0 cell phone charging port, vehicle cigarette lighter socket interface,  interface can charging main power, AC110V/AC220V U.S. standard interface.
light source LED bulb YG-BB-PC32 2pcs,3m-long leads,E27 switch lampstand
Weight 27KG
package package dimension:680mmx450mmx230mm,carton package