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Auto-Tracking solar cookers/stoves
Auto-Tracking solar cookers/stoves
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Description of Product
Name Solar cooker
Unit price(USD) $293
Usage Boiling/cooking/frying
Specification and parameter
LED lamps 1200℃
Solar panel 1800W
Battery 1.7 square meter
Material Carbon steel
Heating source Solar
Product Size 120 x 50 x 10cm
Packing weight 25kg
Warranty 2 year for repairing for free, excluding damaged by man or nature disaster.
Term of Payment Alipay / Paypal / T/T / L/C
To put the Solar cooker under the sunlight, do not let any article cover the solar panel, then put the pot or pan on the light spot, the water will be boiling in 30 minutes, the real time will vary with the different sunlight.
Firmness&lasting,lightness&fashion , economy&utility,high tech&environment friendly, energy saving&reducing carbon emission.