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SR500 Solar Controller for Solar Water Heaters
SR500 Solar Controller for Non-pressurized Solar Water Heaters, automatic water level control and temperature control. Easy for operation.

1. Display panel with Connection box

2. Temperature sensor and water level sensor for water tank

3. Electromagnetic valve for filling water 220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ

4. If you choose this, you do not need water supplier

1. Appearance of controller: see product itself ( dimension: 210mm x145mm x48mm)

2. Power supply: AC230V±10%

3.Power consumption: < 4W

4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 2oC

5. Range of tank temperature measuring: 0 ~99 oC

6. Range of temperature display: 0~ 99 oC

7. Suitable power of pump: 1pc≤600W

8. Suitable power of electrical heating cable: 1pc ≤800W

9. Suitable power of electrical booster: standard ≤2000W. 

10. Ambient temperature: -10oC ~ 50oC. 

11. Water proof grade: IP40.