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Solar Water Heater
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Non pressure Tubular Solar Water Heater System
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Non-pressurized product without water tank, it is the cheapest solar water heater.
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The design of this type uses the Thermosyphon principle.

This kind of project solar collector is vacuum tube collector. It is widely used on commercial project for a hotel, school or a swimming pool.
1) Designed for commercial solar water heating applications 
2) Reliable and efficient with twin-glass solar tubes 
3) Polyurethane insulation ensures good heating performance and minimal heat loss
4) Manifold cover's material: stainless steel or galvanized sheet 
5) Frame material: 1.2mm thick all stainless steel
6) Easy plug-in installation 
7) Can be connected in series to increase water heating capacity 
Six Advantages
1. Compulsive recycling means help the system collector absorb the sun energy and transfers it to water tank efficiently
2. High working efficiency: with the scientific principle, the heat energy can be transferred to water tank on time
3. Saving energy: choosing Germany original pump, the electricity consumption is very litter, just only several cents every day
4. One pump, two functions: increasing pressure and recycling
5. Operation easily with an intelligent controller and digital display
6. Beautiful appearance and easy to be installed
Principles and characteristics
1. Auto charging water: Charging water by solenoid valve. When reach the setting time and setting water level, the solenoid valve will start to charge water till the tank is full of water
2. Temperature difference circulation: When solar collector temperature is 10 higher than tank temperature, circulation pump will start to inject cold water from tank to the collectors, so hot water in the collectors will go to the tank, when temperature difference is lower than 3 circulation pumps will stop.
3. Anti-freezing circulation: When circulation pipe temperature is lower than setting data, temperature difference pump will start to inject hot water from tank to the circulation pipe, when the circulation pipe temperature is higher than setting data, the pump will stop.
4. Electrical heater assistant: When water temperature in the tank is below the setting data at the setting time the electrical heater will start to heat water till reach the setting data.
5. Pipe circulation: When outlet pipe temperature is lower than setting data, pipe circulation pump P2 will start to inject hot water of the tank into the tank, make sure that when you open the water tap you will have hot water.

SFE series Solar water heaters Specifications:

Item No. Specification Qty (set)
Qty.  of
solar tubes
Diameter of
solar tube
Length of
solar tube 
 collector size 20GP 40GP 40HQ
SFE205818 20pcs Ø 58mm 1.8M 170*200cm 96 200 232
SFE255818 25pcs Ø 58mm 1.8M 210*200cm 78 160 186
SFE305818 30pcs Ø 58mm 1.8M 250*200cm 65 135 155


1. Model explanation: Take SFE105818 for example, “SFE” is Sunflower’s solar water heater SF-E series products, “10” means the tube quantity is 10 pcs, “5818” means the vacuum tube is 1.8 meter  ф58mm.

SFE series Solar water heaters Package and Size:


Solar Water Heaters Size


Model Size(mm)
a b c d
SFE104715 870 750 1000 1174
SFE204715 1570 1450 1000 1174
SFE304715 2270 2150 1000 1174
SFE105818 960 840 1200 1398
SFE205818 1760 1640 1200 1398
SFE225818 1920 1800 1200 1398
SFE305818 2560 2440 1200 1398

Package: Solar Water tank, Solar Standing Frames, Solar tubes are separately packed in one carton. Cartons can be loaded into container directly. 

Optional Accessories for SFE series Solar Water Heaters:


Item Name Describe
1 Water Supplier Used to fill the water into big water tank automatically.
2 Controller Display panel with Connection box
Temperature sensor and water level sensor for water tank
electromagnetic valve for filling water
220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
If you choose this, you do not need water supplier
3 Magnesium Rod It can help the equipment of the solar heater system such as the water tank, the evacuated tube etc. preventing water incrustation, melting silt and preventing erosion by lower cost.
4 Electric Heater Use to heat water in rainly days
5 Ball Valve As a switch in system
Note: Voltage range 110 V ~ 240 V, frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, plug can be selected for the specifications of your country.