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Solar Collector on flat roof
  • Solar Collector on flat roof
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  • Solar Collector project
  • Solar Collector project
  • Solar Water Heater
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Split Pressurized Solar Thermal Collector with Heat Pipe
  • SFB series
High Pressurized solar thermal collector. Elegant appearance, easy installation and high efficient heat pipes bring you nice bath.

"This kind of products use Evacuated Tubular Solar Thermal Collector Tube with Heat Pipe as its heat-absorb element. So it can be connected to the pressurized system.

These top-of-the-range solar panel heat collectors are suitable for heating domestic hot water, swimming pools etc - even in winter! One unit is adequate for an average household (3-4people), and it is modular, so you can add more if required. A single panel is sufficient for a 200litre cylinder, but you can fit 2 or more for high water usage, or for heating swimming pools or underfloor heating. Some types of renewable energy are only available in certain locations, however free solar heating is potentially available to almost every house in the world! "
Solar Collector  


Solar Thermal Collector Feature: 

- Suitable for pressurised systems
- Solar Keymarked for RHI - Download Certificate
- SRCC Certification for USA - Download Certificate
- High efficiency solar collector using heat pipe evacuated tubes
- Can be used in all climates
- Reliable and efficient with twin-wall glass solar tubes
- Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer
- Easy plug-in installation for mounting on the roof or at ground level
- Maintenance free
- Suitable for high pressure water (up to 8bar / 116psi)
- Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header
- Frame material: 304 2B grade stainless steel
- Casing material: 304 BA or AB stainless steel
- Glass wool insulation for better heat retention
- Collectors may be connected in series to increase water heating capacity
- Tubes easily replaced if broken
- Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications
- Expected Lifetime >15years
- 'Passive Solar Tracking' - maintains heat output regardless of sun's position in the sky
- BSEN 12975 Approved

Evacuated tubes stay perpendicular to the sun's rays

Evacuated Tubes stay perpendicular to the sun’s rays
Notice : 
1) The angle of the frame can be changed in production according to the local latitude condition of the customers. We can design the suitable angle for the customers 
2) We offer the spare accerssories and tubes for your order for free
3) We can offer the standing frame for SFB if the customers need
4) We can change the quanity of tubes of each SFB solar collector according to customers' request
5) We can change the different material of manifold according to the requirement of customers 
SFB-AL with standingframe.
Solar heating systems : 


SFB series Solar Collector Specifications:

Model Tube Type
Capacity (L) Qty(sets)
20ft 40ft
SFB104715 Φ47*1500 10 60 50 204 408
SFB154715 Φ47*1500 15 90 75 183 366
SFB204715 Φ47*1500 20 120 100 123 247
SFB304715 Φ47*1500 30 180 150 85 170
SFB105818 Φ58*1800 10 75 65 132 264
SFB155818 Φ58*1800 15 112.5 97.5 92 184
SFB205818 Φ58*1800 20 150 130 76 152
SFB305818 Φ58*1800 30 225 195 51 103


1. Model explanation: Take SFB205818 for example, “SFB” is Sunflower’s solar water heater SF-B series products, “20” means the tube quantity is 20 pcs, “5818” means the vacuum tube is 1.8 meter  ф58mm.
2. Above capacity is ±5%.

SFB series Solar Thermal Collector Package and Size:

Model Size(mm) Qty (set)
A B C D 20GP 40GP 40HQ
SFB104715 795 685 1000 1174 255 525 615
SFB204715 1445 1335 1000 1174 160 325 380
SFB304715 2095 1985 1000 1174 110 228 268
SFB105818 885 775 1200 1398 175 360 420
SFB155818 1260 1150 1200 1398 130 270 315
SFB205818 1635 1525 1200 1398 105 215 250
SFB225818 1785 1675 1200 1398 95 200 230
SFB245819 1935 1825 1200 1398 90 185 215
SFB305818 2385 2275 1200 1398 72 150 175

Package: Solar Manifold box and fittings, Solar Standing Frames, Solar tubes are separately packed in one carton. Cartons can be loaded into container directly. 

Optional Accessories for SFB series Solar Thermal Collector:


Item Picture Name Describe
1 Solar Work Station Integrated Working Station
Circulation Pump: (WILO) 220V50HZ,RS15/6
Max flow:2.5(t/h)   Max lift: 5.5m
Suitable power of electrical
INPUT:Three Sensor 
Ambient temperature: -10~50°C
Water proof grade:IP43
2 Expansion Vessel Expansion Vessel
Brand “ZILMET” from Italy
Capacity: 5~24 Liter, optional
Max pressure: 10 bar
Connection: 3/4” G
3 Pressure Tank Pressure Tank
With single coil copper pipe 
(Φ16mm, thickness 1mm) 
Bottom Heat exchange square: 0.6/0.7/0.8m²
Inner tank: Enamel 1.8/2.0/2.5mm
Outer tank: galvanized sheet 0.5mm
Polyurethane foam layer: 4cm/5cm
Inlet/Outlet: NPT3/4”
Immersion heater: 1.5
With double coil copper pipes 
(Φ16mm, thickness 1mm)
Top Heat exchange square: 0.4/0.5m²
Mounting Strip Mounting Strip  To install the solar collectors on sloping tile roof (if for flat roof installation, please choose standing frames down below)
5 Air Bleeder Air Bleeder  Release over pressure (From Italy)
6 Connector between two  collectors Connector between two  collectors Material:SUS304 for corrugatedpipe, Copper connectors
7 Three way connector Three way connector Material: brass
8 Copper Connector Copper Connector Material: brass
9 Filter Tap Filter Tap Do the filtration   Material: brass
Note: Voltage range 110 V ~ 240 V, frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, plug can be selected for the specifications of your country.