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Compact Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater
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Stainless steel inner tank,pressurized system integrated with immersion heater,controller, P/T valve,etc.Let SFH consider more for you!

Stainless steel inner tank, pressurized system integrated with immersion heater, controller, P/T valve, check valve etc. Let SFH consider more for you!


This is a passive, thermosiphon, heat pipe, system. It has no moving parts and is the latest, most efficient technology.
This is a very high-tech version of a black garden hose laying in the sun. Water inside the hose gets very hot.
Cold water, which normally enters your water heater in the house, is diverted through a pipe into the food-grade stainless steel tank on top of the collector tubes. Sunlight heates a fluid in the middle of the sealed glass collector tubes. The heated fluid rises to the top of the tube where it heats a copper rod. The rod fits into a copper nipple in the white storage tank. Inside the tank, water surrounding the nipple gets hot. When you turn on a faucet in the house, cold water flows in one side of the storage tank, forcing hot water out the other side and into the house.
Drinking water never comes in contact with the collector tubes, so there is no chance of anything toxic getting into your water. If a tube breaks, the rest of the tubes keep working and there's no leak because the nipple seals the tank.
1) Connect with tap water piping directly. Water is feed automatically by the water pressure. The vacuum tubes absorb the sun energy and transfer the heat to the tank via the copper heat pipe and the water temperature of tank is gradually heated.
2) If the water is expand and pressure rise to more than 6 bar. The P/T valve will release automatically.
3) The electric heater can be operated for backup heating.
Compact Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater Feature:

1) Superior heat preservation ensured by 55mm polyurethane foam insulation layer
2) Designing the immersion heater hole in advance for the cloudy, snowy, and rainy days 
3) Suitable for mains pressure water (up to 0.6MPa)
4) Immersion heater connects with SFH water tank 
5) Material: galvanized sheet
6) Inner tank material: using pressurized material, the inner tank has the advantages as follows:
     a) No corrosion: can prevent corrosion lead from chlorine ion, sea water, salt water or buck water.
     b) No leakage: applied for special anti-corrosion layer
     c) Sanitary water: the qualities showed above make it possible that waterquality is pure and no twice pollution
7) Able to be used in all climates
8) Automatic water supply, could supply water self-acting without any other installation and could able to be pressured.
Solar Water Heater inner tank
Solar water heater schematic
Solar Water Heater
Scope of Application:
It suit for the climate where are very hot, it will reach the best efficiency when use it near to the equator.
1. The angle of the frame can be changed in the production as the virtual geographical condition of the customers. We can design the suitable angle for the customers.
2. We offer the spare accessories and tubes for your order for free.
3. We can offer the different material of water tank , frame , and tubes according to your request.

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SFH series Compact Heat pipe pressurized solar water heater Specifications:

Model Outer diameter   
*Inner  diameter
 *Length  (mm)
Tube Type
Tube Qty.
20GP 40HQ
SFH47155818 Φ470*360*1350 Φ58*1800 15 150 52 124
SFH47185818 Φ470*360*1590 Φ58*1800 18 180 44 106
SFH47205818 Φ470*360*1750 Φ58*1800 20 200 40 96
SFH47245818 Φ470*360*2070 Φ58*1800 24 240 34 82
SFH47305818 Φ470*360*2550 Φ58*1800 30 300 28 68


1. Model explanation: Take SFH47155818 for example, “SFA” is Sunflower’s solar water heater SF-H series products, “47” means the external diameter of water tank is 470mm, “15” means the tube quantity is 15 pcs, “5818” means the vacuum tube is 1.8 meter  ф58mm.
2. Above solar water tank net capacity is ±2%.

SFH series Compact Heat pipe pressurized Solar Water Heater Package and Size:


Solar Water Heater Size

Model Size(mm)
SFH47155818 1440 1230 1594 1655
SFH47185818 1680 1470 1594 1655
SFH47205818 1840 1630 1594 1655
SFH47245818 2160 1950 1594 1655
SFH47305818 2640 2430 1594 1655

Package: Solar Water tank, Solar Standing Frames, Solar Heat pipe are separately packed in one carton. Cartons can be loaded into container directly. 

Optional Accessories for SFH series Solar Water Heaters:


Item Picture Name Describe
1 Solar water heater Controller Solar water heater Controller
Display panel with Connection box
Temperature sensor and water level sensor for water tank
electromagnetic valve for filling water
220V 50HZ/110V 60HZ
2 Magnesium Rod Magnesium Rod
For improve the quality of water and protect the inner tank, prolong the lifetime of inner tank, length:200mm
Function: Improve the water quality and prolong the life time of watet tank
3 Immersion Heater Immersion Heater 
Voltage/Frequency: 220V 50HZ / 1KW-2.5KW
Screw Plug----3/4 inch
Function: Backup heating in rainy or cloudy days
Ball Valve Ball Valve Fucntion: As a switch in system
5 Constant Temperature Mixing Valve Constant Temperature Mixing Valve Function: It is used to mix cold water and hot water of system, to avoid the potential danger when the outlet hot water temperature is too high. You could set the temperature by yourself, bring you more comfortable bath in warm water, and energy saving.